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Dr. Rainer Winkler Wiki[Bearbeiten]

Is also known as 'Lügenlord'.

Dr. Winkler sees the world in a different light[Bearbeiten]

Dr. Rainer Winkler - also known by his fans as Drachenlord, or most recently only Drache - has achieved almost everything in life. Thousands of subscribers on YouTube love him, he is earning a fortune on the streaming side called YouNow and almost every day he is working his ass off for his subscribers, but only while he is not working as a self employed shiftworker earning between 10-50 euros per hour (he himself determins his wage).

Now he is taking it one step further, introducing a special science programm during his free time. With revolutionary theories, he re shapes our understanding of the world.

This wiki is focusing on his new groundbreaking aproaches to the world of science and his personal life.

About Dr. Winkler[Bearbeiten]

Rainer (with ai, very important!) was born 1989 in Neustadt an der Aisch. He was raised in the Drachenschanze in Emskirchen on the Altschauerberg by his father Rudi and his mother Rita. His sister is a few years older than the Lord himself. The Drachenschanze was build by his grandfather, after Rudis death the house stayed in the Lords possesion, although it is unclear who the real owner is.

He started his YouTube career to present his studies in 2013.

Important facts:

  • Dr. Winkler is learning new languages in a very extreme fast speed. Currently he is studying english
  • He thinks different than everybody else. While going through a field in summer, nobody is looking at the path for example. Dr. Winkler does this and notices the nature like nobody else could. His attention deficit disorder gives him the ability to think about ten problems at the same time and although he does not have a single one of them he already knows how to solve them.
  • Dr. Winkler has one sister (Ramoner) and a stepsister. His mother (Riter) married a trucker after Dr. Winklers father (Rudi) died of prostate cancer. His grandfather died about the same causes.
  • When Rainers grandmother was getting old, they put her into a rest home. Sadly he forgot in which rest home she was exactly, so hes not able to visit her..
  • His mother Riter owns the horse (Ferd) Blu. Mrs. Schweighöfer (a neighbour, about 45 years) takes care of the horse and feeds it so that Rainer can invest all his time in his studies.
  • For the same reason, Mrs. Popp (a neighbour, about 35 years old) does the daily grocery shopping at the local Rewe supermarket for him.
  • Rainer is a very fit and very fat person.
  • Rendering and uploading is hard work, since he is not able to play computergames in the meantime.
  • Favorite music



His YouTube channel has exceeded 63.121 subscribers. Because of his increasing influence and reach Dr. Winkler will now have a even larger group of followers Big Premiumhaider are #defeated his motivation is to stay undefeated forever #unbesiegt.

The game of droles milestones can in detail be found at this page in detail. The most famous are:

  • Mettwoch
  • Haider visiting the Drachenschanze
  • Computer seizure
  • Police visit
  • Fire department visit
  • Talking to Boneclinks
  • Talking to Neobiene
  • Losing a tooth


About Dr. Winkler[Bearbeiten]

  • "I am Rainer, Rainer with "ai", very important and my surename is Winkler."
  • "I am happy now, the first complaints were filed at the police."
  • "I actually do have a high IQ in certain things."
  • "I have an high IQ in voice recognition."
  • "The people always tell me that i am much smarter than others"
  • "I saved that into Gimp"
  • "Tomorrow i need to get up at 11AM, so at 10, no at nine, no sorry at 8."
  • "I do not like riding motorbikes because it is cool, but because i like riding motorbikes. Anyway, i do not ride a motorbike."

Meddl/Rock music[Bearbeiten]

  • "A Meddler is a Meddler because he listens to Meddl."


  • "There is no too young. Only too tight."
  • "Yes, a Holocaust would again be a really nice thing."
  • "In Russia they are planning to do something against Haiders respectively homosexuals" [Haider=Hater]
  • "Prove me that trees do not have emotions!"
  • "If Columbus would not have discovered America, the Indians would be something similar to elfs."
  • "What does also need food to grow ?, thats right water"


  • "I saw the "Heil" thing, everyone who will do that again has to face punishment."
  • "The #MetalDrachenArmy is unbeatable and thats more than you trolls are"
  • "Dear Haiders, now you really have shit on your arses!"
  • "Instead that you post swastikas someone should better put you into a gas chamber" [Drache thought of the Nazis chambers]
  • "Prior it was the jews today its me"
  • "Haters are like terrorists, only that nobody has died so far"


  • "(3 am in the morning)Mom, can you give me Alfreds number " [his uncle/ grand coussin Alfred, the "lawyer" with his own chancellery]
  • "Yes, right officer. With running sirens."

Link list[Bearbeiten]

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